Parex Leasing and Factoring Company has been operating since 2005 and dynamically developing, in a short period managed to create a considerable leasing portfolio. At present we offer  a full range of services  connected with acquisition in leasing automobile and trucks, buses, special equipment and the equipment — on profitable terms and with the minimum formalities.

Work with us

Using our services, you become the owner of a subject of leasing, having paid originally only about 20 — 30% of its cost. Besides, you use a number of legislatively provided additional benefits:

  • You have no need to acquire property into the ownership in order to use it.
  • You shouldn't take the considerable sum of means from a turn, being limited to only small costs of deposit introduction.
  • The flexible hours of return (the main and linear annuity) can be developed for you depending on features of your economic activity and expected receipts.
  • It isn't required any additional pledge, obligatory at any crediting.
  • Your financial performance will not be worse because the long-term obligations connected with received leasing in balance is not reflected in any way.
  • You shouldn't have the big net profit equal to cost of acquired property to receive this property in leasing.
  • You can refer all leasing payments on expenses, thereby minimizing tax base.
  • During all term of leasing the property is on your balance, and upon termination of leasing term the property right passes to your name.

Advantages of the company

  • creation of partner programs with motor shows and dealers of Baku;
  • free analysis of a financial condition of the company which has addressed in Parex Leasing and Factoring;
  • guaranteed confidentiality;
  • system of personal management;
  • our experts approach to requirements of clients responsibly and  sympathetically and we are always ready to render assistance in the solution of arising questions;
  • simplified and clear order of paperwork;
  • continued support of Clients in non-standard situations;
  • especially favorable percentage conditions;
  • special approach to needs of each of our clients.

Our partners